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Our shop is located at 7809 N. 68th Ave Glendale Az. 85303

About Us

Rmacc Hose Co. was started in 2000 to manufacture auto a/c hoses for import cars. We grew into repair for all makes and modes of A/C, power steering, transmission cooler lines, and new brake lines. Our specialty continues to be A/C parts sales to fit your every need. We have since added Power Steering hose , engine and transmission cooler lines, new brake hoses and hard lines that are DOT approved, stainless brake hoses and colored Stainless Steel available in red, black, blue, and gray. We have also recently increased our inventory of Stainless Steel hose and AN fittings.

We have the best prices on new and remanufactured compressors, accumulators/receivers, dryers, expansion valves, and orifice tubes. 

In Stock items include bulk a/c flush, a/c oils, refrigerants, dyes, and a/c flush available in quarts, 2 1/2 qt., gal., and 5 gal., special fittings and tools, with a very good selection of various parts. 

Update 2011: Our latest requests have been custom fit for those with special applications or modern restorations. In 2011 we will focus more on our custom braided line with increased inventory. We are here to serve your needs. Just ask and we will do our best to please you. Our goal is to be there for your every need in OE and custom automotive fluid repair and design!

            We are the go to guys. If it can�t be found, is hard to get, or too expensive, call RMACC. If you have any type of hose that is hard to find, or to much lead time from the dealer, ship it to us and we guarantee same-day repair and shipping back to you.       

          RMACC offers an a/c trouble-shooting manual to aid everyone in understanding how the system works and how to troubleshoot the system. Forty years of working on a/c systems  and teaching, lead Vic to write this manual.

          We do aluminum welding with a torch. We can weld pipes into blocks, pipes into pipes, and nearly anything that is pure aluminum. We can�t weld aluminum castings.

          We have a lot of fun talking with people and helping with their problems. When we sell a compressor,  we walk our customers through what they need to do to be successful.  

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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

6/12/2007 Added A/C Reference Manual

3/14/2011 Edited and rebuilt website, added customer car photos.


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